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Stanford Lures: Made in the USA


Stanford Cedar Lures loves the USA!  We believe in our country and the people who make it work.  Stanford supports the American workforce. 

We believe in innovating to provide the customer the best possible product. 

At Stanford we believe that quality should always be considered before quantity. We make the highest quality lures known to mankind with each lure tested, tuned and graded to Stanford Cedar Lures’ tolerances.  This attention to quality sets our products apart from the rest and ensures that you will have the best performing lure available. 

Stanford Cedar Lures are the best on the market.  Offshore suppliers simply do not produce lures that match a Stanford. We use durable cedar wood from Northwest United States which has material characteristics that exceed any Asian products on the market.  Our handpicked wood core centers are dense and balanced.

At Stanford Cedar Lures our production staff are craftsmen.  The Stanford Cedar Lure craftsmen feel each lure for imperfections and work each body through a step by step manufacturing procedure to ensure a finished part that performs within tolerance.

Stanford Cedar Lures cares.  We care about our products and we care about our customers.  Each lure body is examined and tested to result in the cleanest swimming bait in any angler’s arsenal. A five step finish is hand painted by artisans that care about appearance and Elite Quality as the result. Each lure is hand tuned by experts in the lure trade.  

We are the best at what we do in the world - and we do not make excuses and cut corners. The American way - Stanford Cedar Lures - Elite Quality - Made in the USA.